" Youth for Love and Life", YLL. 

YLL creates safer spaces while developing knowledge and skills on non-violent conflict transformation for diverse youth to

come together and explore their true potentials to be facilitative leaders at community,

regional, and national levels through capitalizing on their passions. 



A positively changed world by self-aware youth, 

navigating their passions and skills, originating from a deeper exploration of love and life of all living beings.



Initiating a self-transformation process to find the true nature of being human through production, dialogue, and action at diverse levels to build a youth movement through mastering the art and skill of building a social capital by investing in diversity, knowledge, passion, creativity, information, and innovation in order to engage in non-violent conflict transformation at personal, group, community, national, and ecological levels.



Increase youth engagement in positive change processes through creating physical and psychological safer spaces for youth from diverse religious,

ethnic, and gender backgrounds to practicing inclusiveness, power sharing, and interdependency, taking their passion as a tool for transformation.


Core Values  

Respect Equality | Interdependence Inclusion Integrity Impact