Batticaloa is one of the 25 districts in Sri Lanka, with its capital city taking the same name. According to official statistics (2012), the total population of the district is 525,142, of which 72.6% constitutes of Sri Lankan Tamils. 25.5% Moors, 1.2% Sinhalese, 0.5% Burghers and the remainder being classified as “other”. In terms of the religious breakdown, 64.6% follow Hinduism, 25.5% Islam, 8.8% Christianity, 1.1% Buddhism and the rest of the population follows other religions.

Batticaloa was a stronghold of the LTTE during the 30-year war and was severely affected, not just by the physical and violent aspects of the war, but also by the development of ethnic tension. Following the end of the war in 2009, ethnic tension still remains between Tamils and Muslims in the area.



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