Interfaith Initiative

Religion becoming the root of wars when all the resources are there to build peace is

one of the crises we face.

Understand the gap between religious teachings and life practices as well as

through dialogue, reflection, learning, and unlearning

In this era the key needs are;


Identifying the role of youth in lessening this gap through Intrafaith /Interfaith dialogues

and actions.

In a time where polarization and pollution challenged human existence in deeper level it

is important to create safer space for youth and children to come together to understand

each other’s religions, believes and cultural practices.

Global Pandemic;


Covid 19 pandemic situation forced to reverse the human civilization back to appreciate

and promote our traditional wisdom and value system

Taking care of only personal hygiene is anymore not valid as this situation forced us to

think, act and react as a Community.

The personal, community and ecological well-being all came to a one circle


The space is opened for;


Bringing youth, their passion and faith explore the ways and means to explore

traditional community lives the through dialogues and actions.

The interfaith initiative “Role of youth as healers, connectors and bridge makers” was

launched in July, 2020 to create space for youth to engage in this exploration of the