Mullaitivu is the main city in the Mullaitivu District, in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. 86% of the population are Tamils, 10% are Sinhalese. The main religion is Hinduism (75%), followed by Christianity (13%). Buddhism and Islam are minority religions, representing 8% and 2% respectively.

During the civil war, Mullaitivu became an intense battleground that was fought over by the State military forces and the LTTE. Mullaitivu initially was one of the government’s main army bases. In 1996, during the Battle of Mullaitivu, the LTTE captured the base, which subsequently became their primary military base. During this battle, almost all of the civilians in the city fled for their lives. Towards the end of the war, in 2009, State troops consolidated power in Mullaitivu after a heavy battle with the LTTE. There were many disruptions to the lives of the civilians. War-based violence was an everyday reality.



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