Launching Twin Hubs in September , 2020

When the YLL exploration reaches the last year-end in its timeline the two hubs which are located in Mullaitivu (Deep North of Sri Lanka and the place where the last war took place in 2009) and Baddegama (Deep south of Sri Lanka) matured to be together as “TWIN HUBS” . They will be in the journey of understanding, respecting and protecting their identities while holding the common identity “YLL”.

In the personal sphere of life as the twins feel each other in physical and psychological levels; In the social life the twin hubs understand each other in psychological, physical, emotional, social, economic and spiritual levels of life in order to promote interdependence.

Exploring Social Entrepreneurship possibilities in September 2020

The twin hubs will be starting a journey to explore the possibilities to test a model to bring Passion and Social entrepreneurship into one circle. 

Launching Interfaith Dialogue & Action  Initiative in August, 2020

 “Youth as connectors, healers and bridge makers”

The youth initiative which was designed in 2017 to cater to the need of polarization due to the last 40 years of ethnoreligious tensions now deeply listened to the human crisis of 2020 the corona pandemic.  The pandemic situation alarming the humankind about the need for healing and connecting the self, community, and universe as well as about the ecological wellbeing. Therefore, in 2020 youth initiative focuses on bringing passion and faith in initiating the healing and connecting process in personal, social and ecological level.

Launching one year  TOT fellowship to train interfaith youth facilitators pool in August, 2020