Our Strategies

The creative skill exploration and development process along with capacity development of non-violence and conflict transformation is the key in YLL strategy. Make a deeper connection with themselves, but also to cultivate their agency for collective action, which they are assisted to conceptualize and mobilize within a framework of interdependence. 


Connecting creativity, self-transformation and social transformation  

In a society where conflict is synonymous with violence, YLL is a learning and unlearning space for mastering the art of transforming conflicts to achieve positive results. 

YLL views conflict as an opportunity to grow in a 360-degree paradigm shift, which takes time and practice to achieve. Initiating self-transformation processes to contribute for group, community, social, and universal level transformation is one of the key focuses of YLL.

The self-transformation of youth is achieved through a sequential process of “Feel,” “Dream,” “Think,” “Act,” and “Change”. Youth that undergo this process of change in YLL’s safer spaces will then apply their sharpened creative skills, new knowledge, and experiences to forge transformative, meaningful connections and ties transcending dividing lines and boundaries. 


Passion as a tool to contribute for change 

Setting up support systems for youth to build inner-power and strength to discover one-self and her/his true potentials, interests and passions are another key component of YLL. YLL views that initiating conversations on the topic and identifying the connection between passion and happiness is a crucial part of the self-transformation process.

 YLL identified 16 key passions, such as dancing, music, drama, painting, photography, filmmaking, animation, traveling, nature, adventure, communications/information, social entrepreneurship, political engagement, social work, and writing. Engaging themselves in efforts to develop relevant skills required to master their interest area (passion) in order to achieve self-growth as well as to address social injustice is also part of the strategy. 


Simple conversations to unlearn and learn 

“What does it mean to love, live?”

 “What is the purpose of life and one’s own existence?”  

“What is the connection between love and life, economy, politics, environment ( nature)?”

 “ What does self -love, loving the other and universal love mean?”

If someone says – “nature loves him/her most, what does it mean?  “ 

“Is love a skill, a feeling, a concept, or all of these?”

  “ If someone says ,all issues in the world arise because humans did not master the skill of universal love, how would you  respond?”


YLL believes any kind of change can be achieved by starting off with a simple conversation. YLL poses the-above questions to start conversations among and between youth. 




Creating spaces/places for expression and recognition  

Creating psychological, physical and social spaces for youth to express themselves while establishing channels and mechanisms to get the attention and recognition they rightfully deserve is also a crucial element of YLL. 


Developing confidence through experiential learning in order to embrace common identities while protecting unique identities.  

Creating one identity as YLL where all diverse youth to come together under one umbrella while creating safer space to practice equality is a strategy to embrace Sri Lankan identity. 


Developing capacities to be an organized youth network 

Organising YLL members at the community, regional, and national levels as well as diverse passion groups regardless of ethnicity, religion, cast, region, and sexual orientation to have their voices heard.