Our Work

Youth for Love and Life (YLL) uses the concepts of love and life to enable young people to discover themselves, their passion and potential for self-transformation and positive change in their communities, country and beyond. 

In order to contribute for its vision, mission, and purpose ; 



Develop skills on self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-transformation. 

Develop skills and knowledge in non-violence, dialogue, and conflict transformation.

Develop the skills and discipline to be self-reflective.

Develop confidence to be self critical to unlearn, learn, and to be vulnerable to grow.  

Develop capacities to strengthen inner power in order to embrace power with relationships.




Create safer spaces and places for diverse youth to come together as they are to recognize, accept, respect, promote, nourish and celebrate diversity while embracing each others unique personal, social, cultural, economic, spiritual and political identities. 

Create common identity as YLL to practice inclusion, respect and equality. 

Create common identities based on the passions (music, drama, photography ect.) to create diverse spaces to understand each other's fears, needs, joy, aspirations, beliefs, cultures, dreams, and life through their creativity and dialogues. 



Support youth to tune the right side of the brain in-order to balance the skill 

(Analytical) and gift (Intuitive and creative) powers humans inherit. 

Support youth to develop their passions as a tool for their emotional, spiritual and economic growth. 

Support youth to shift their mindset to see conflict as an opportunity to grow. 

Support youth to understand and connect with the interconnectedness in LIFE to practice the universal rules of “Interdependence”. 

Support youth to heal themselves through togetherness, embracing diversity, seeing conflict as a neutral phenomenon and humans as having the power to transform these to achieve positive outcomes. 

Support them to recognize the ill life patterns and thinking patterns in power over relationships which establishing social and ecological injustice. 

Support them to see humans as a resource to address issues related to injustice and ill patterns through creativity and non-violence. 

Support youth to build a “ Culture of Trust and Non violence” which strengthen We-GO not all levels of EGO ( personal, collective). 



Facilitate processes to organize diverse youth as an organized diverse youth network practicing bottom up approach that contributes for its vision and mission. 

Facilitate processes to design and develop power-sharing system for governance  in the process of institutionalizing YLL as a youth network.