Our approach


Heart, Head, Hand and Health (H4) is our key approach.

H4 Approach is the creative approach in which the journey is explored throughout the way that it has evolved. The approach intensifies the process and is to be connected with 4 Hs - head, heart, hand, and health. 

The head symbolizes our uplifting of the knowledge base and creative intellectual capacity in order to transform our thinking and perception. The heart component is to master and handle the emotional sphere of the self. Both the head and heart are components for taking a transformative act with the hands to create, uplift, and craft the holistic health where we focus on the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and ecological perspectives of health. 



Bottom up approach

YLL  works to transform individual prejudices and emphasize relations amongst community level youth and people. It focuses on organizing community level youth at the local level while focusing on vertical and horizontal level relationship building in-order to bring collective voice into regional and national levels.