Play for Peace 


Play for Peace is an experiential learning and unlearning method for instilling value education and

conflict transformation skills in the lives of youths, teenagers, adults and children 


75 youth undergone Play for Peace training to be facilitative leaders in their communities.

“Play for Peace playgroups” formed in 30 diverse villages by Youth trainers.

8 Play for Peace clubs formed in 8 hub locations 

More than 300 children, teenagers, and youth are doing weekly play sessions to master the art of win-win



We play non-competitive,

non-violent games and activities to practice and experience,

Inclusion | Cooperation | Collaboration | Win-Win situations 

Collective problem solving | Capacity to take risks | Absence of judgments 

Emotional and Physical safe space | Innovation, and creativity | Richness in diversity | Interdependency | Joy 


Play for Peace 

Develop our sensitivity for children 

Develop capacities on conflict transformation 

Develop our imagination on peace 

Develop our sense of goodness 

Develop our sense of humor 

Develop our self-esteem 

Develop children’s Emotional and 
Cognitive growth 

Develop capacities on critical thinking 

Develop capacities moving beyond knowledge and

understanding to analysis, synthesis, and creation  


Processes of Evolving 

The idea is to work with youth from the communities to develop them as facilitative leaders in the community. 

Youth ideally from different communities worked together as mix teams in a safer space to be trainers of Play for peace

while developing trust and friendship with youth from other communities. 

 Youth trainers brought teenagers and children together in their locality at the regular frequency in playing sessions. 

Teenagers and children together forming “Play for Peace clubs” in their locality as well as in regions.  


In the evolving process, we experienced.

Our common humanity

It transcends the artificial distinctions that divide us.

When we are playing with someone,

We don’t play with their skin, color or cultural identity;

We play with them as a person.

We have a universal, non-threatening platform

We can come together 

Play and learn

Play and unlearn 

Play and Grow 


‘Play creates a gateway to moments when differences dissolve, fear melts away and

we see what connects us rather than what divides us.’

In play, we become our true selves. 

         In play, we open up to learning. 

In play, people discover, and indeed experience, a universal and purposeful connection.

Play becomes the catalyst, which inspires people from different cultures to reach across barriers and boundaries. 

Therein lies the potential for entire community to begins to unlearn previously held biases