YLL Youth Network

300-member youth coalition

8 Youth Hubs (Youth centers) in strategic locations

32 full-time team members to manage and run the hubs

32 villages from diverse background affiliated with hubs 

30-member facilitative youth trainers pool that represent 8 passion groups

10-member trainee facilitator pool does trainings on conflict transformation 

20-member play for peace trainee facilitator pool  

8 Play for peace teens clubs 

8 core groups as decision-making groups in regional level

20 member national level leadership pool 


We are a collective of diverse youth who promotes non-violent conflict transformation.


We explore;

 “The role of youth and passion in personal, social and universal transformational process” 

“ The role of love in our personal, social, ecological, political, economic, cultural and spiritual lives.”  


We develop capacities to

 Identify | Accept | Respect | Nourish | Promote & Celebrate Diversity.

We are strengthening our skills to see conflicts as an opportunities to grow. 

We are creating safer spaces for diverse youth to come together to;

We Explore the role youth can play to develop their knowledge/skills and build friendship keeping empathy in the core of friendship in order to bring divided and polarized communities together through their passions and actions.

We want to develop a social entrepreneurship model for the youth to become self-sustained while healing the earth and wounded lives.


We have initiated dialogue on many issues faced by our communities, 


Are some of the issues.  

We work from the village level, up to the regional level, and bring together diverse youth, with diverse passions, from all across the country with our ever-growing

YLL network.