YLL hubs are an Innovation

The innovation lies in the design and strategy.

“Supporting a simple, yet powerful, concept: how to utilize a space where youth naturally

gather as a platform for learning , unlearning and action.”


“ Youth Hub “is not just a beautiful place for youth to gather;

“It is a creative space where they can learn, connect, interact, commit, plan and begin

their journey of spreading love, peace and harmony.”


“Youth Hubs” are the nurturing and centring heart of YLL.

Hubs create space for;

Meetings | Training  | Educational support activities | Play for peace | Dialogues | Passion practices | Leisure activities | Film screenings  | Innovation  | Creation | Exploration.

Hubs are equipped with;

Musical instruments,


Art & Craft needs | Wellbeing needs | Sports needs | Technological needs | Visual art needs

Hub is the place where youth feel a sense of ownership and pride.

A place to connect with oneself, other and nature to experience the law of